Annual AC Service is Very Important

Home air conditioning systems are sophisticated machines with a lot of moving parts, which results in wear and tear and an accumulation of grime over time. Air conditioning maintenance is crucial to keeping your month-to-month expenses down, avoiding unexpected breakdowns, and extending the overall lifespan of your equipment. Your air conditioning system requires regular maintenance, similar to a vehicle. The experts at Fante’s recommend scheduling an AC tune-up prior to the hot summer months.

Fante’s provides professional air conditioning maintenance services that are designed to save you money and help you avoid headaches. No one wants to deal with an AC unit failing
during the hot summer months. During a tune-up, we’ll clean your system, perform a multipoint inspection, lubricate and tighten as needed, check your refrigerant levels, calibrate your thermostat, and much more. When finished, we’ll then discuss the results of your AC system with you and answer any possible questions that you may have.

AC Maintenance

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What Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Service Includes

Scheduling Fante’s for regular air conditioning maintenance will keep your AC running at prime performance. An AC tune-up often pays for itself by lowering your monthly energy bill, which saves you money. A maintenance appointment allows our experts to correct any wear and tear on your system before it develops into a larger unexpected problem that will be costly to fix. We even offer a maintenance plan designed to save you money and keep your AC system on schedule. Spring is a great season to book an AC tune-up, but we can also service your system even if summer is already in full swing.

  • Check all electrical components
  • Check all high and low voltage wiring
  • Check the outdoor disconnect
  • Verification of the correct breaker size
  • Measure amperage of the compressor
  • Measure the amperage of the motors
  • Measure the strength of the capacitors
  • Check the temperature split for efficiency
  • Clean the indoor evaporator coil
  • Clean the condenser coil
  • Clean the drain traps
  • Clean the condensate pans and drains
  • Inspect the blower wheel
  • Monitor the refrigeration pressures
  • Check for potential refrigerant leaks
  • Measure the airflow and static pressure
  • Test all the safety controls
  • Check condition of the coil fins
  • Check the calibration of the thermostat
  • Replace standard 1” air filter
  • Clean and wax the outdoor unit (if applicable)

We Service A Wide Range of Air Conditioning Systems

There are a wide range of different AC systems used for residential purposes, and we provide air conditioning maintenance services for each and every one of them. Our professional NATE-certified technicians are trained to tailor maintenance to your individual AC brand and model in order to ensure that your system runs at top performance throughout the hot summer months. If you are not sure which type of AC system you currently have, we’re happy to help, so give us a call today at 1-609-835-1512 or contact us online.

Central Air Conditioning
Central Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Central Air Conditioning systems are the most common AC solution in our service area. These systems distribute cooled air through the home’s ductwork, which allows for an even temperature throughout your home. Central AC systems have a condenser, compressor, evaporator coil, and additional parts that all require regular maintenance.

Central AC Systems

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation
Ductless Mini Split System Maintenance

Ductless Mini-split systems do not have ductwork but instead blow cooled air directly into a specific living space. They are extremely efficient and can also heat a home, which makes them a great choice for older homes, home additions, and achieving zoned HVAC to cool or heat a specific area. Mini-splits also have a condenser, compressor, evaporator coil, and other parts that all require routine maintenance.

Mini-Split Systems

Affordable Heat Pump Replacement
Heat Pump AC Maintenance

Heat pump systems are very similar to central air conditioning but can essentially run in reverse to also provide heat. In colder areas, a heat pump can actually be combined with a furnace to provide excellent efficiency and effectively deal with harsh winter temperatures. Heat pumps also have all the same parts that an AC does, which means these will need regular air conditioning maintenance as well.

Heat Pump Systems

Professional Air Conditioning Replacement & Repair Services

No AC is perfect, and even with regular air conditioning maintenance, your system may still experience a breakdown and will eventually come to the end of its useful life. If needed, we’ll recommend proactive repairs during maintenance, and our experts can perform an AC repair if you experience a failure. There may come a time when it’s financially smarter to replace your system instead of continuing to repair it. You can expect an honest and professional assessment from us at Fante’s, and if you choose to move forward with an AC replacement, we’ll be there to help you choose the perfect equipment that makes sense for both your budget and home.

Choose Fante’s for Expert Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Fante’s specializes in residential air conditioning services and provides professional services throughout the year. When you schedule air conditioning maintenance with us, you can expect a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and a tune-up that will lower your costs, protect you from potential AC failures, and extend your equipment’s overall lifespan. Call our experts today at 1-609-835-1512 or contact us online to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our maintenance plans that can help you save even more money and will give you additional peace of mind.