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When temperatures rise, your air conditioning system should be at its best. Summer heat in South Jersey and Pennsylvania can put your HVAC system to the test. Fante’s technicians are available for 24/7 AC repair and we always recommend annual air conditioning maintenance service to ensure everything is in working order before the heat hits.

A tune-up will also provide information to help you lengthen the life of your current air conditioner. If during your inspection we realize you need air conditioning repairs, our trucks are typically stocked with the most common parts. With Fante’s on the job, when it gets hot, you won’t break a sweat worrying about your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

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Same Day AC Repair Service

Same-Day Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioner breaks down, Fante’s can often provide fast relief with our same-day air conditioning repair service. That’s right, you call, we come. It’s that simple. Based on appointment availability, we’ll get your system running again and we guarantee our air conditioning repairs will last. If we don’t show up on the day of your scheduled appointment, your appointment is free. Nothing means more to the Fante’s technicians than your total satisfaction—no matter when you need us.

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Air Conditioning Systems We Service

Fante’s has been providing reliable air conditioning repair services in South Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania since 1981. Our skilled technicians have worked with virtually every type of air conditioning system so whether you have central air, a heat pump, ductless AC, or even geothermal cooling, we have you covered.

Central Air Conditioning

One of the most popular systems in the area, central air conditioning is a complete solution for managing your indoor comfort. Our trained HVAC technicians know the ins and outs of these systems and will keep them running for you at peak efficiency.

Heat Pumps

Another common air conditioning system is a heat pump. They are versatile and can also heat your home in the winter. If properly maintained, they can operate with high energy efficiency and last for decades before needing to be replaced.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Often used to retrofit older homes or provide added climate control to rooms that simply need additional help, ductless mini-split system still require maintenance. New or old, our HVAC technicians are experienced working with ductless systems.

Geothermal Cooling

If you made the investment to cool your home with the power of the earth using a geothermal system, you want to protect that investment. These sophisticated systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are functioning properly.

How to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient

  • Attention to a few maintenance tasks for your air conditioning system is important if you want to do your part in lengthening the life of the unit. Make sure the outside unit has plenty of shade and space. A nice clearance around the unit is at least two-foot with a four-foot clearance above. Check around the unit and remove any weeds, leaves, or trash gathered around it. Debris and dust buildup can also become a problem within the interior unit and ductwork. It is wise to do a seasonal check on the ductwork to be sure there are no leaks or anything blocking the airflow. A quick check and cleaning of air vents may make a huge difference in the long run.
  • Regularly changing of air filters is critical. If your air conditioner filter is dirty, the unit will become air starved and work way too hard to keep you and your household comfortable. The basic 1” filter types need to be changed monthly or quarterly at the absolute latest. Another option is a media filter, which is installed by a professional and needs to be changed approximately every 6 months. Try to buy filters with a sturdy design of pleated material with internal wire structure support and outer lattice and edge support.
  • Cover windows during the brightest sunlight hours, especially those that get direct sun. It also helps the AC stay in balance if doors to rooms without a return are kept open. Turning off the air conditioner when the home is empty for a few hours is a misguided attempt to save money. In reality, your home begins to warm up while the unit it off.

Sign Up for Our Annual HVAC Service Plan

Regular professional service checkups are of great benefit to an air conditioning system. A seasonal checkup, before the summer begins, is one way to keep yourself apprised of the health of your AC unit. A trained Fante’s technician is able to perform a quality checkup and maintenance. After the checkup, the technician will be able to explain the options available to take care of any necessary repairs before heavy use of the air conditioning system. Our protection plan takes the guesswork out of HVAC maintenance.

Reliable AC Repair

We’re Always Standing By to Help

We know how uncomfortable hot summer nights can be without proper air conditioning. The discomfort of a sleepless night has a tendency to carry over into the following day. That’s why Fante’s provides air conditioning repair services anytime you need them—24 hours a day. You don’t get to choose when your AC breaks so why should you be penalized for that?

The Fante’s Service Guarantee

When we say we’ll do a good job for you, we mean it. We guarantee it in writing. We’re not finished till you’re completely satisfied. Find out why so many of your neighbors choose Fante’s for their HVAC needs.

Choose Fante’s for Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement Services

Whether you need repairs, a routine checkup, or even a tune-up, the air conditioning service professionals at Fante’s are available 24/7 to make sure your system is in tip-top shape. If your air conditioner breaks down, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-609-835-1512 any time. To schedule your service or talk about your air conditioning needs, you can request an appointment online and our team will get right back to you.