February 19, 2024

Common Causes Of Furnace Fires And How To Prevent Them

We trust that you place a high priority on fire prevention as responsible homeowners. You replace smoke alarm batteries twice a year, store flammable items safely, and never leave appliances unattended. For maximum safety, we respectfully ask that you incorporate these practices into your daily routine if they aren’t already.

While most homeowners diligently guard against common causes of house fires, such as faulty wiring or unattended candles, there’s a less acknowledged fire risk lurking within our homes – furnace fires. Our experts at Fante’s are here to talk about the common causes of furnace fires and how to prevent them.

What Causes of Furnace Fires

A well-maintained furnace not only ensures home comfort but also protects against potential hazards. Nonetheless, furnace fires can still occur. Here are four primary causes:

  1. Flame Rollout: In aging or inadequately maintained gas furnaces, flame rollouts can transpire when combustible gases accumulate within the combustion chamber, posing a significant risk of ignition to nearby flammable objects.
  2. Overheating: Neglecting to replace air filters regularly can lead to excessive clogging, impeding airflow, and causing the furnace to overwork. Consequently, prolonged operation may result in overheating, potentially igniting internal components.
  3. Gas Pressure: Optimal combustion relies on properly regulated gas pressure. Insufficient pressure may cause condensation buildup, leading to corrosion within the heat exchanger, while excessive pressure can elevate temperatures within the unit, increasing the risk of combustion.
  4. Heat Exchanger Wear and Tear: Over time, the heat exchanger, responsible for heating air, may deteriorate due to normal wear and tear, forming cracks or holes. These defects can lead to the leakage of hazardous gases like carbon monoxide, posing both health and fire hazards.

Preventing Furnace Fires

The recurring theme among these potential furnace fire triggers underscores the importance of regular maintenance by qualified HVAC technicians. Fante’s annual maintenance plan offers New Jersey homeowners peace of mind through scheduled maintenance by skilled professionals, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of HVAC systems. Additionally, as with other fire prevention measures, maintaining a clean and debris-free environment around the furnace can further mitigate the risk of furnace fires.

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When it comes to addressing furnace repair and replacement needs with precision and reliability, choosing Fante’s is a decision backed by expertise and trust. With a commitment to top-notch service and a team of skilled professionals, Fante’s stands ready to safeguard your home against the threat of furnace fires. Don’t compromise on safety and efficiency – trust Fante’s to keep your HVAC systems running smoothly for years to come. Call 1-609-835-1512 today to discuss your needs or if you still have questions regarding common causes of furnace fires and how to prevent them.

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