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For more than 35 years, South Jersey homeowners have trusted their home with Fante’s. Our skilled plumbing and HVAC contractors have played a major role in our longevity. These diligent experts go through a rigorous training program, have a wealth of experience, and regularly produce high-quality work. They take great satisfaction in providing excellent customer care and service. You can be sure that your heating and cooling systems will receive proper maintenance when you choose Fante’s.

Why Choose Fante’s HVAC Contractors

While many in the area may provide HVAC services, none have the resources and experience that our HVAC contractors do. Employing Fante’s guarantees that premium components and materials will be used, along with adherence to regional regulations, safety protocols, and manufacturer specifications. You can be confident in our dedication to standing behind our work because of our continuous support.

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HVAC Installation & Replacement

HVAC Installation & Replacement

The HVAC contractors that work for Fante’s are adept at selecting the best equipment for each home they step in. Long-lasting comfort and energy efficiency are top priorities for our installations. Our technicians take care of all your home’s needs, whether it’s performing conversions or updating an outdated system.

Reliable HVAC Repair Service

For both new and old systems, our HVAC contractors provide a wide range of maintenance and repair services. Timely resolution of pressing heating and cooling problems is ensured by scheduled service appointments and round-the-clock emergency services. Additionally, our area of expertise is proactive repairs that preserve peak HVAC performance and lower long-term costs.

The HVAC Systems We Service

Our qualified HVAC contractors are knowledgeable about a wide range of HVAC systems that are frequently found in homes throughout our service area, such as boilers, ductless mini-splits, heat pumps, central air, furnaces, and indoor air quality equipment.

Central Air Conditioning

The entire house can have comfortable, constant temperatures thanks to central air. A blower is used to force air through ducts and into the living areas in order to achieve this.

Ductless Systems

Instead of using ducts to distribute air, ductless mini-splits inject air straight into the living areas. Whereas a ductless heat pump offers both heating and cooling, a ductless air conditioner only offers cooling.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is similar to a central air conditioner, but it has a reversing valve that allows it to heat and cool. Heat pumps are frequently paired with backup furnaces to provide auxiliary heating.


Forced-air furnaces remain the most common way to heat homes in New Jersey. A natural gas furnace is preferable if you have the option, but electric, propane, and heating oil furnaces are also available.


Hydronic heating systems, including both hot water and steam boilers, provide heat without blowing air thus affecting IAQ. Common endpoints for boilers include radiators and radiant panels.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

Whole-house air purifiers are part of IAQ systems and help to reduce indoor pollution. Our HVAC contractors also specialize in mechanical ventilation systems, as well as whole-house dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

Annual HVAC Maintenance Plans

Fante’s advises seasonal maintenance for HVAC systems in order to remain safe and efficient, as well as warranty compliance. Our Family Plan offers two yearly high-performance tune-ups, priority service, a repair discount, and cumulative discounts on HVAC replacement.

Heating & Cooling Replacement Financing

Replacing your HVAC system is often an unexpected expense. Fante’s has partnered with lenders to offer our clients financing choices that reduce the cost and increase the affordability of plumbing and HVAC renovations. We provide both extended and short-term repayment schedules, and you can combine several services rendered by our plumbers and HVAC contractors into a single loan.

Annual HVAC Maintenance Plans

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Because they are hardworking, honest, and New Jersey homeowners just like you, our HVAC contractors are the best reason to choose Fante’s. Get in touch with us right now to set up an appointment or find out more about the reliable HVAC services we provide.