July 13, 2023

How Do I Fix My Running Toilet?

A running toilet is a common problem that every homeowner has to deal with from time to time, and all of the online searches for “How do I fix my running toilet?” indicate that many homeowners are scrambling to seek out how to handle it themselves. The first step is to turn the toilet shut-off valve clockwise. This will turn off the water and allow you time to decide what to do next. If there’s a problem with that valve, stop what you’re doing and call Fante’s at 1-609-835-1512 right away for emergency assistance.

Basics of How a Toilet Works

When determining “How do I fix my running toilet?” it helps to understand how a toilet works in general. A supply line that is opened and closed by a fill valve provides water to the toilet tank. The flapper at the tank’s bottom provides a seal. When you press the toilet handle, the seal is broken, the tank water rushes into the toilet, and the fill valve opens. Water is reintroduced into the tank until the toilet float reaches the intended water level, at which point the fill valve closes.

Common New Installation Difficulties

Identifying the core problem is the next step in determining “How do I fix my running toilet?”. There are certain common installation faults that homeowners can make when installing a new assembly that might cause this. These include cutting the overflow tube too short, shortening the valve chain, and setting the water level too high, causing water to flow continually into the overflow tube. If the toilet is running intermittently, there is most likely a leak from the bolts at the tank’s bottom.

My Toilet Has Started Running Unexpectedly

The flapper or flush valve is usually to blame when a toilet starts running unexpectedly. Flappers will wear out or become dirty with time, resulting in phantom flushes, which occur when the toilet runs for a short period of time, then stops and repeats the cycle. You could consider cleaning the flapper first, which may work. If it doesn’t, the flapper seal is faulty and must be changed.

Flush valves have a lifespan of six to seven years when used regularly. If yours has failed, it cannot be repaired by simply replacing the valve. Typically, replacing the complete flush valve assembly is required, which can be scary for many homeowners because you’re dealing with a universal replacement kit and have to unscrew the tank bolts and then put them back on.

It’s also possible that your fill valve has failed, though this is considerably less likely. This is the valve that connects the supply line to the toilet. If this is the case, it is strongly advised that you contact a professional because it entails shutting off the main water supply, and mistakes could result in major flooding.

When is it Time to Call the Experts?

While DIY toilet repairs may appear to be simple, in the worst circumstances, they can result in leaks and even broken porcelain. Fante’s skilled plumbers can repair your running toilet quickly and affordably, and you won’t have to worry about having the correct tools or selecting the right replacement parts.

Choose the Plumbing Professionals at Fante’s

Fante’s is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing top-notch toilet and plumbing repairs for countless years. If you’re wondering “How do I fix my running toilet?”, call Fante’s today at 1-609-835-1512 or contact us online immediately. We’ll fix your toilet quickly and affordably, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

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