April 4, 2022

How Does An Indoor Plumbing System Work?

The world was a scary and less private place before the invention of indoor plumbing. In ancient times, the loose concept of indoor plumbing was a fantasy. Human civilization has come a long way since the years of using chamber pots and leaves. The earliest resemblance of modern-day plumbing could be found in rich households in the early 1800s. Indoor plumbing is the idea of taking water from the outside of a structure to the inside while also removing waste from the inside and delivering it outward. It may seem pretty straightforward, but a modern plumbing system has many moving parts. Our South Jersey plumbers detail how a plumbing system operates.

Water Intake Source

This is one of the main subsystems of your total plumbing system. Your water intake source provides a way for water that is pressurized to come into your home. A meter will be attached to this source which measures your water intake from the public water source. If your house is in a rural area, households have private wells where water is pumped from. The water goes from the private well and travels through a pressurized tank. In both situations, the pressure is used to drive the water throughout the system until it is released through an appliance or faucet. A water intake source has various valves that can prevent water from traveling to certain fixtures and areas of the home.


The obvious parts of a plumbing system are the various fixtures that dispense and drain water. These fixtures can be showers, sinks, heaters, toilets, cleaning appliances, and so forth. All fixtures have ways to release water from the system and drain water out. It is extremely important to take proper care of these appliances to avoid drainage or dispensing issues causing major problems within the plumbing system.

Drainage System

A drainage system is the exact opposite of the water intake source. The drainage system focuses on removing water and waste from the home. Drainage systems work by utilizing gravity through design and placement to bring water toward the septic system. A drainage system is a complex system of pipes that are designed in ways to make sure that water can leave the home. These pipes need to be cleaned periodically to remove the backup of waste such as hair and grease.

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