November 15, 2021

How To Identify When To Replace Your Main Sewer Line

For many homeowners, your main sewer line isn’t exactly a part of your house that you check every day. Out of all the other working pieces to your home, the sewer line probably comes less. That doesn’t reflect properly on its importance, however. Your sewer line can affect many different aspects of your home and is not designed to last forever. Your sewer line could currently be broken and show a lot of signs throughout your home. Here are the warning signs that it might be time to call a South Jersey sewer line replacement specialist.

Slow Moving Drains Throughout Your Home

It is fairly common to have one or two slow-moving drains throughout your home. Common issues like food, hair, soap, and more can cause short-term clogs to drains that can cause a slow-moving drain to take shape. These issues are very easy to take care of with simple drain cleanings that can be done professionally or by the homeowner themselves.

If you find that all your drains are slowly moving, then a serious problem with your sewer line may be present. Multiple slow-moving drains could be a sign of a broken sewer pipe that isn’t able to move particles and water through your drain fast enough. You should still conduct some draining cleanings before you jump toward sewer line repair or replacement.

Frequent Clogs in Your Home’s Plumbing System

Sometimes, one of your plumbing pipes in your bathrooms will get clogged up and cause a backup. Usually, pipes can be clogged by excess toilet paper or wipes, or foreign material that doesn’t belong in your toilet is flushed. Similar to slow-moving drains, plumbing pipes can be fixed by a professional plumber clearing out the pipes of foreign material and flushing them out.

If you find that multiple pipes are getting clogged day after day or don’t seem to be alleviated after a plumber cleans them out, it could be a sign of a sewer line issue. Multiple pipes being clogged and not being able to stay clear could be a broken sewer line that is affecting pipes in your system. If this is the case, a full inspection by a professional is the right thing to do.

Patches On Your Lawn

If you have issues with your sewer line, you may notice very colorful or wet spots on your lawn. Bright green spots on your lawn may appear that your lawn care regimen is working. Actually, patches of green spots on your line can be a sign that sewage is flowing out of a broken sewer line piece and spilling into your lawn. This can happen when trees overgrow and possibly grow around the pipes causing them to break. This is a very serious problem that can ruin your yard fairly quickly and damage your system further. A South Jersey sewer line replacement professional should be called immediately to diagnose the problem.

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