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If you’re looking for ways to cut your heating and cooling bills, one thing to consider is the age of your HVAC system. Because of technological advances in system design and wear and tear on older units, older systems are not as energy-efficient as newer models. Fante’s assists homeowners in increasing the efficiency of their heat pump systems. We provide heat pump replacement services in New Jersey that are tailored to your home’s size and preferred temperature settings. When your heat pump does not have to work as hard to maintain your desired temperature, it will last longer and cost less to run.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service. Our expert HVAC technicians will ensure that you are completely satisfied with our work from start to finish.

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Affordable Heat Pump Replacement

Heat Pump Replacement at an Affordable Prices in New Jersey

We are pleased to offer homeowners in New Jersey affordable heat pump replacement services. Because of our excellent customer service and low prices, Fante’s has become the area’s leading heat pump replacement and repair provider. Because we live where we work, we always treat our customers as if they were family. We understand that you need a heating and cooling company you can count on, even in an emergency, which is why we’re always available. We also provide financing to make system replacement more affordable.

Types of Heat Pumps We Replace

When it comes to heat pump replacement services, we can install any type of system. We can replace your existing air source, ductless, or geothermal heat pump, or we can assist you in converting to a new system if you prefer. We also provide hybrid installations and a variety of sizes to ensure that each client receives exactly what they require for their home.

When it comes to heat pump replacement, Fante’s will work with you to ensure that the right system is chosen. We will conduct a thorough inspection that takes into account the size of your home, the desired temperature, and the type of system you want. Giving our customers exactly what they want and need.

Air Source Heat Pumps

The most common type in the area is air source heat pump systems. These systems draw air from the outside and use it to heat or cool your home. It is the most cost-effective system to use and the most affordable heat pump replacement system available.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless heat pumps are ideal for homes without ductwork, new additions, or underserved areas of your home that are never warm or cool enough. Fante’s can assist you in determining the best ductless heat pump system solution for your property.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are the least common type of heat pump system that we install. These systems use the temperature of the ground to heat or cool your home. They are more expensive to install and take up more space than other systems, but they are extremely cost-effective to run.

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On-Call Heat Pump Repair Services Available

If your heat pump fails, this can lead to other problems in your home, such as frozen pipes in the winter. We understand that breakdowns never happen on a schedule or only during regular business hours. We are available 24/7/365 to help get your heat pump up running quickly when you need it most.

Heat Pump Maintenance Protects Your Investment

Preventative maintenance is the most effective way to avoid costly repairs and extend the life of your heat pump system. Replacing filters and cleaning all mechanical parts allows your system to run more efficiently, lowering the amount of energy required to maintain the desired temperature in your home.

Fante’s is happy to offer preventative maintenance services that are perfect whether you have a brand new system or an older model. Our HVAC Maintenance Plan provides our customers with yearly heat pump maintenance service and places you at the front of the line if you need assistance or repairs during the year.

On Call Heat Pump Repair Services

Reliable Heat Pump Replacement in New Jersey

We are proud to be the most trusted provider of heat pump replacement and repair services in New Jersey. With services available 24 hours a day, homeowners never have to worry about being stuck in the heat or cold if their heat pump fails. If it is time for a heat pump replacement, we will work closely with you to guarantee that you select the right type and size unit for your home and family.

If you are ready to replace your heat pump system, call Fante’s today at 1-609-835-1512 or fill out our online form. Our knowledgeable service representatives will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide a detailed quote.