October 15, 2021

Ways to Save On Your Heating Bill During The Cold Seasons

As the cold fall and winter days approach us, you will find your family and yourself spending a lot more time staying indoors. It only makes sense. As the weather changes, it is only natural to stay inside with the comfortable warm air. Unfortunately, your wallet and your heating system don’t appreciate this sudden switch. Heating your home can be one of the most costly expenses you can have as a homeowner, especially during the cold months. On average, heat makes up about 40% of utility bills.

The fall and winter leave you with two choices. You can bite the bullet and pay the increased bill or spend your days shivering in your own home. Most homeowners will bite the bullet. However, if you are going to bite the bullet, it is good to limit the financial effects. Our experts that work in Mount Laurel furnace repair provided some tips in improving your heating bill this fall and winter season.

Let The Sun In

You may see less of the sun during the colder months as it starts to get darker way earlier than before. Obviously, it isn’t gone entirely. During daylight, try to allow as much sunlight into your home to natural heat it and allow for you to lower your thermostat rather than haven’t it cranked up. If you have shades, blinds, or curtains, make sure you open them up every chance you get when the sun is out. When night comes, be sure to close it all off to add another layer of insulation to your home.

Seal Off Unused Rooms

Many homes have rooms that receive a lot less or no foot traffic at all. Our workshops, spare bedrooms, dining rooms, and so on are not used on a frequent basis but will receive heat if the heat is on. Seal off these rooms to allow heat to travel to the rooms that are the busiest with people. The way to seal off these rooms is by closing the vents within the room and using a draft blocker on the door. Be mindful of this tip. If the unused room houses piping, don’t let the room get too cold or pipes can be damaged. You don’t need all your rooms to be 68 degrees or more, but you don’t need your unused rooms with piping to drop below 40 degrees.

Check Your Doors & Windows

Your home may be losing some heat due to poor insulation and cracks by doors and windows. If small openings are not sealed tightly, your house will struggle to hold heat within during the cold months. Once the winter months come, it is good to check all your windows and doors for air leaks. This is very easy to tell because you should feel a cold draft when you are near the window or door if a leak is present. If a leak is present, be sure to close the windows completely and add a draft guard to your doors. Not only does sealing off your windows and doors allow for heat savings, but also makes your home more secure.

Change Your Furniture

The furniture in the rooms of your home not only provides an aesthetic but has the benefit to help lower your heating bill. A room’s layout affects how the air travels throughout the room. If you have any dressers, beds, or end tables near vents, make sure to move them a couple of feet away from the vent to allow for hot air to flow properly throughout the room. This is a good year-round practice. Rearranging furniture can help lower your A/C bill as well. Airflow is extremely important for your home.

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