Experience Variable Speed Cooling Technology

Hearing your air conditioner start up is typically a pleasant sound on a hot day. This signals that a burst of chilly air will soon emerge from the vents, enhancing your indoor comfort. What if we told you that sound is unnecessary and is really costing you money? A/C with an inverter is now available. An inverter air conditioning system actively controls the speed of the motor that drives the cooling power of your HVAC unit by employing a variable speed compressor, reducing wasted energy. By installing an inverter conditioning system, which maintains constant temperatures through effective operation, the skilled HVAC professionals at Fante’s can help you reduce your energy costs. Call us right away for further details or request a free quote.

Lennox Inverter Air Conditioner

What is an Inverter Air Conditioner?

Inverter, variable speed, or variable-capacity technology controls the output of your air conditioner during operation by restricting the frequency of electricity that will power the system. Simply said, your system will be more energy-efficient if you continuously use your air conditioner at a lower wattage. Depending on your requirement for cooling, the inverter in your air conditioner raises or lowers the current going to your compressor. Because of the frequent changes in temperature in our region, an inverter HVAC system can more reliably control your indoor comfort without using the all-or-nothing strategy offered by traditional air conditioners.

Inverter Air Conditioner Benefits
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • More Consistent Temperatures
  • Lasting Comfort
  • Quiet Operation
  • Durable and Efficient

Inverter vs Conventional Air Conditioners

The inverter’s capacity to regulate the amount of electric current passing through your air conditioner in response to system demand results in increased efficiency. Typically, a traditional air conditioner is either turned off or on. It will switch on when the thermostat instructs it to till your desired temperature is reached if it is off and heat builds up inside. Traditional single-stage compressors work in this manner. There are also conventional systems that employ two-stage compressors that typically operate at a lesser power but can reach full capacity when necessary. As a result of its long, slow cycles and continual adjustment of the cooling output, an inverter-driven air conditioner maintains more steady temperatures throughout your home.

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Comparing Air Conditioner Compressor Types

Compressors are essential to controlling the refrigerant flow in all air conditioners. In addition to newer inverter-driven compressors, there are two conventional compressor types. Both single-stage and two-stage compressors are employed by conventional air conditioners. Each compressor consumes a unique amount of energy when it is cycled on to produce the required cold air to match your thermostat settings.

Single-Stage AC Compressors
Single-Stage AC Compressors

Single-stage air conditioner cycles are brief but frequent and operate at full capacity. Since the system is either on or off, there will be obvious temperature changes as the inside air warms up over time before the system turns on and drops the temperature. The units are the most economical initially because of how simple they are to use, but this is the least effective approach to cool your house over time.

Two-Stage AC Compressors
Two-Stage AC Compressors

Operating at either 65% capacity (stage one) or 100% capacity (stage two), two-stage air conditioner cycles are longer than single-stage but still frequent. You will notice small temperature swings albeit not typically as extreme as a single-stage system. Two-stage systems operate at a lower power most of the time to keep more consistent temperatures and only use the top end in periods of high demand.

Inverter AC Compressors
Inverter AC Compressors

Because the inverter is actively regulating the power reaching the compressor, inverter air conditioners can operate anywhere from 35% capacity to even 120% capacity. The cycles are very slow, are continuous, and vary slightly, providing consistent cooling power with virtually no temperature changes. This steady operation minimizes the amount of energy needed to keep you and your wallet happy.

Fante’s Can Install Reverse Cycle Systems

A reverse cycle system can heat your building in the winter and cool it in the summer. An inverter-driven reverse cycle HVAC system is a comprehensive solution for interior comfort, operating with flexible heating and cooling capabilities similar to a heat pump. These systems are very energy-efficient, especially in extreme temperatures, because they collect heat energy from the interior in the summer and from the exterior in the winter. The system may cost a little more up front, but over its lifetime you will save a ton on energy costs.

System & Home Analysis

When selecting the ideal air conditioner for your home, there are a number of things to consider. A Fante’s tech will conduct an audit on your demands during our initial meeting to assist you in making a decision. The most crucial parameter is square footage since it will decide the size of the cooling unit required to adequately chill each room. We will also discuss with you the function of the spaces getting air conditioning, the placement of your doors and windows, and the degree of insulation in your home.

The great news about inverter air conditioners is that they can operate at higher efficiency over long periods. You won’t operate at its peak output level unless it is absolutely necessary. When choosing a single or two-stage air conditioner you will almost always have to choose a unit with high capacity so that you aren’t stuck with a system that can’t meet your needs in extreme temperatures. Fante’s air conditioning experts will explain all of the differences between the units so you can make an informed decision.

We Back Every Air Conditioning Installation

It’s crucial to safeguard your investment when you decide to replace your air conditioner. All new air conditioning systems that we install at Fante’s come with up to 12 years of parts and labor protection. To make sure you get the most life out of your system, regular maintenance is crucial. Once or twice a year inspections for minor issues can help you avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

Affordable Inverter Air Conditioners

Replacing your air conditioning is one of the more expensive investments you make in your home or commercial building. At Fante’s we do everything we can to provide affordable inverter air conditioner installation services. We offer financing options to help make the upfront cost more manageable.

For Your Energy-Efficient Inverter Air Conditioner, Choose Fante’s

A professionally fitted variable-speed inverter air conditioner by Fante’s is the solution if you’re looking to chill your house or place of business as efficiently as possible. New inverter-driven air conditioners may be installed by our qualified HVAC professionals, which will lower your energy bills while ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day, every day. No more varying temperatures that range from too hot to too chilly. Contact us today to get started.