Professional Heat Pump System Installation Services

Fante’s is the company to call if you need a new heat pump installed in your home. We have been installing heat pumps in this area for many years and perform heat pump replacements as well as new heat pump installations when we upgrade you from a different technology, such as a traditional furnace and air conditioner coupling.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps work similarly to air conditioners in that they transport heat energy to and from a medium, such as the surrounding air. The primary distinction is that a heat pump can move energy in both directions, allowing it to offer heating and cooling to your home. A heat pump is a split system, which means it has an inside unit and an outdoor unit. A heat pump transfers heat energy using refrigerant, and a compressor is utilized to pressurize and circulate the refrigerant through the system.

Heat Pump Installation

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Service Area - Heat Pump Replacement Services

Indications You Need a New Heat Pump

Age is a significant factor because a heat pump becomes less efficient as it ages, and the 10-year mark is the moment at which you should start thinking about a new heat pump system installation, especially if you’re suffering with repair issues. An unexpected spike in your electric price could be the result of inefficient functioning. You should also contact Fante’s if you notice loud or unusual noises, warm or cold areas in your home, extended or short cycling, or high humidity levels.

Many Benefits of a New Heat Pump

As technology improves, the installation of heat pump systems is becoming more common in our area. A heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient HVAC choices for houses, providing cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Modern heat pumps are also very quiet and maintain a steady and comfortable temperature throughout the home.

Different Heat Pump Options We Offer

There are three types of heat pumps that are regularly utilized to heat and cool homes throughout the area. They each rely on a different heat source to provide the necessary energy to regulate indoor temperatures.

Air-Source Heat Pumps

Heat energy is transferred to and from the ambient air using air-source heat pumps. They are frequently used in conjunction with a furnace, which supplies heat when the heat pump becomes inefficient due to a low ambient temperature.

Water-Source Heat Pumps

In terms of performance, a water-source heat pump is comparable to a geothermal heat pump. The key distinction is that the loop is immersed in water rather than buried in the ground.

Heat Pump System Repair Services

If your heat pump is not too old and the problems are small, repair is likely to be a more cost-effective option than a new heat pump system installation. Fante’s offers repair professionals who can service all makes and models of heat pump systems. We also have repair professionals on call in case your heat pump malfunctions after hours, and we charge the same amount regardless of the time.

Heat Pump System Maintenance

Fante’s recommends homeowners to take care of their investment in heat pump system installation by performing seasonal maintenance. Most HVAC warranties require it. It will extend the life of your equipment by resolving issues before they become more critical. Regular maintenance will also ensure maximum efficiency which will decrease your monthly costs. Fante’s also offers maintenance programs that can keep your equipment running smoothly and save you money.

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Service Area - Heat Pump Repair Services

Fante’s Offer Financing Options

We understand that a heat pump system installation is an expensive expense that can be difficult to budget for, which is why we provide various financing options. We offer financing for all equipment and labor, and you can pay it back with a small, fixed payment each month.

Trust Fante’s for Your Heat Pump System Installation

For many years, Fante’s has been the go-to company for all heat pump system installation services. You can ask our skilled HVAC technicians any questions you have about installing a new heat pump system. To help you in selecting the system that best meets your needs, we can gladly go through all of the benefits and drawbacks of each model. Call 1-609-835-1512 for a free estimate or contact us online to get started.