Improve Your Water Quality

Your home’s hard water may not be harmful to your health, but it is undoubtedly harmful to your pipes and plumbing fixtures. Hard water can eventually rust or otherwise damage the pipework, leading to leaks. Not to mention that hard water has an unpleasant taste and is challenging to use safely to clean delicate fabrics, surfaces, dishes, and other items. Water softener installation can help to better protect your appliances, clothing, and more by eliminating the minerals present in hard water.

Water Softener Installation

How to Know If I Have Hard Water

If you notice spots and stains on dishes, shower doors, and faucets, if your skin and hair feel dry, or if your fabrics don’t feel soft, hard water might be a problem in your home. Because hard water is common in many parts of the Delaware Valley, you may want to have your water supply and other plumbing components inspected by a licensed plumber.

Water Softener Repair & Replacement

Our certified plumbers can service a variety of water softener technologies and are knowledgeable about various water softener makes and models. When possible, we will source original equipment manufacturer parts for your repair. We start by cleaning the brine tank, which is where the hard water enters the system to be treated, in order to identify the root of your water softener issue. The resin bed will then be cleaned by our technicians, who will also get rid of any iron that has accumulated there. The resin tank injector and bypass valves will then be cleaned to get rid of any sediment buildup. If the softener still will not function we will recommend replacement.

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How Long Do Water Softeners Last

The lifespan of a water softening system is typically between 10 and 20 years, but it also depends on the system’s quality and upkeep. When the water feels different, when the pressure changes, when hard water spots appear on dishes and shower doors, or when you taste or smell something strange in your drinking water, it’s time to replace your system.

Water Softener Maintenance

Your water softener needs routine maintenance to keep performing at its best, just like any other home appliance. This is particularly true because water is constantly flowing through the system, which, if not cleaned and maintained regularly, can result in a buildup of rust and other types of residue. There are other things you can do on your own to keep your water softener in good working order even though a professional should be hired to properly service your system. Sometimes finding and fixing problems only requires routinely checking things like salt and water levels. In other instances, investing the time to clean or replace specific system components before they cause major problems will ultimately save you money and hassle.

Water Softener Replacement

Install a Water Filtration System

Installing a whole-house water filter can also help by removing the taste and odor of chlorine, as well as other pollutants like microbial cysts, agricultural runoff, sand, lead, and mercury, reducing them to safe levels. By installing a whole-house filter, all these issues can be addressed before they enter the pipes and appliances, making it a very useful option.

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