March 2, 2022

The Different Types Of Air Conditioning Systems

The fifty and sixty degree days have finally arrived in New Jersey. While the glimpse of warm weather is nice, it is a sign that hot and humid summers are in the distance. Once the hot summer days hit, families will be using and looking for all the ways to keep cool. A nice air-conditioned home is one of the biggest things people take for granted. Air conditioner systems provide an efficient way to keep your family and home cool during the summer. Our air conditioner repair NJ experts spoke about the different types of air conditioners you may find in homes around the state.

Window Air Conditioner Units

Window air conditioner units are a common choice to keep smaller spaces cool during the warmer months. A window air conditioner unit contains a compressor, condenser, and coils all within a single piece of equipment. Window air conditioner units have a low-cost upfront and simply are housed in the window of a particular room. Window air conditioner units are perfect for rental properties and short-term living situations. They are quite inefficient but can be moved very easily.

Multi-Head Split Air Conditioner Units

Multi-head split air conditioner units are another form of air conditioning system that you see in homes. These ductless forms of air conditioner systems are fairly common in modern homes. Multi-head split air conditioner units consist of two separate units, one located inside and one outside of the home. The indoor unit is mounted high on the walls of the rooms you want to be cooled. They are a lot more noticeable in comparison to vents that are a part of ducted air conditioning systems. Multi-head split air conditioner units can be quite expensive upfront, but have a lower long-term cost.

Ducted Air Conditioning Units

Ducted air conditioning units are the most common and versatile solutions for keeping properties cooled off. A ducted air conditioning unit utilizes a large compressor on the outside of the property and an internal evaporative unit that removes water and cools the air off. The air is then distributed throughout the home via air vents. A ducted air conditioning system tends to have a high upfront cost and requires some major changes to your home for it to fit. In most cases, a ducted air conditioning system is the most cost and energy-effective option in the long term.

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