May 5, 2021

Three Reasons You Need Air Conditioner Repair

During its initial inception, air conditioning systems were a very revolutionizing piece of equipment to add to a living space. The ability to be able to cool off temperatures within a specific space allowed for better health, efficiency, and comfort during heat waves around the country. However, these systems can become quite complex and messy when problems arise. From the first model air conditioning system to the latest, they require routine maintenance to keep the value intact. Eighty-degree days are now upon us. It is important to give your system a boost rather than your system go down in the dead of summer. No better time to receive south jersey air conditioner repair than now. Here are our top three reasons and benefits to get yourself ready for the steamy summer days!


Your staff or loved ones may believe that your air conditioner is perfectly fine and doesn’t need a tune-up. The vents are blowing out air, right? What could be the problem? Even if your system is working perfectly for your needs, you might not know what’s going on under the hood until it’s too late. A broken air conditioner during the summer can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. Record high temperatures in the summer without a way to cool off can be dangerous to your health.


The usual fear with any home maintenance task is the cost of a particular job to be carried out. With a task like an air conditioner revamps, it is important to understand that it will help lower your bills in many ways. If your air conditioning system can run more efficiently, it won’t require as much power to get it running full speed for your home or business. On top of this, if your air conditioning system can generate and hold cold air better, you won’t need to run it for as long as an unloved system. Both of these avenues of incurring costs can be minimized by performing regular maintenance.

Warranty Stipulations

Partial and full air conditioning system warranties are popular to bundle with different services or products. We are not bashing warranties, but many have stipulations designed to be a loophole for the manufacturer to avoid replacing a part or all of your system. One of the common stipulations to keep the warranty active is routine maintenance. If a major issue occurs with your system where the warranty would take effect, you want to be sure that the warranty will cover the high-cost issue. It would be silly to focus on the smaller, short-term savings and break your warranty by not performing scheduled maintenance. Warranties are highly beneficial in the event of a serious accident occurring.


The lifespan and efficiency of your air conditioning system are essential to maintain your health, wallet, and peace of mind. Routine maintenance allows for all these needs and wants to be achieved without breaking your wallet. A well-cared-for system can provide for cooler and quality air to flow throughout your living spaces to provide for a comfy and healthy environment for years to come. In the same breath, you are avoiding large one-time costs and inconsistent bills that can put a hole in your pocket year after year. The benefits of scheduled air conditioning maintenance don’t end here.

Reach out to Fante’s PHVAC today to learn more about our options for maintenance on your air conditioning system to get you ready for the summer!

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