January 11, 2022

What To Know About Oil Heat To Gas Conversions

Once oil prices started to soar a few years ago, many property owners began looking into other alternatives to fuel their appliances. One of the alternatives that emerged the quickest was natural gas solutions. Even with oil prices fluctuating up and down, people are still leaning towards natural gas. Natural gas has many benefits outside of just consistent costs. Before reaching out to your Washington Twp furnace repair experts about servicing your oil-powered appliances, you may want to mention switching to natural gas. Here are a few reasons why.

Natural Gas Is Cheaper

The pricing of natural gas is a lot cheaper than the price of oil as well as consistent. On average, oil can cost up to twice as much as natural gas. The installation process of converting to natural gas may be costly upfront, but you’ll see savings very quickly within the first few years. Natural gas’s pricing is a lot more consistent as well. Oil is constantly fluctuating in price which can make it difficult to budget spending and make certain seasons a lot more financially draining than others.

Increased Efficiency

Natural gas is not only cheaper than oil but way more efficient. All heaters and furnaces have various maximum efficiency ratings. Usually, oil heaters top out at about 87% and on average, work at about 70% efficiency. Meanwhile, there are natural gas heaters on the market that can tout as high as 98% efficiency. This efficiency can allow for your home to heat more quickly and effectively all while saving you dollars on your next bill.


Natural gas burns a lot cleaner than oil as well. A natural gas appliance puts off a lot cleaner fumes than oil ever will. Cleaner fumes equate to higher air quality being circulated throughout your property. As the world becomes more healthy and environmentally conscious, this is a huge plus for making the switch. Natural gas produces a low amount of carbon emissions and no sulfur dioxide while oil produces high amounts of sulfur dioxide and carbon emissions. It is no coincidence that certain legislators are trying to completely end oil-powered appliances within homes.

Higher Availability For Rebates

Due to the increased efficiency and eco-friendliness, many rebates are available from manufacturers and local regulators to incentive switching to natural gas. Rebates can range from instant to mail-in and can have savings up to thousands of dollars. On top of rebates, a lot of low-interest financing is available in certain states such as New York. The low-interest financing can allow for your property to start a natural gas conversion process a lot quicker and more cheaply so the savings can be even more apparent instantly.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding natural gas conversion, reach out to Fante’s HVAC at 1-609-835-1512!

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