Fante’s Specializes in Lennox Installation & Repair

Fante’s takes pride in making customers feel at ease in their own homes. Lennox employs innovative systems that are exceptionally quiet and energy efficient to make the air cooler, warmer, dryer, cleaner, and better. When it comes to selecting a system to meet the indoor comfort needs of your home, Lennox’s heating and cooling systems are designed to give you complete control over creating the ideal indoor environment for your home and lifestyle. Fante’s HVAC professionals can assist you if you need an air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or boiler.

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  • Lennox SLP99V Furnace
  • Lennox SL297NV Furnace
  • Lennox SL280V Furnace
  • Lennox SL280NV Furnace
  • Lennox EL296V Furnace
  • Lennox EL296E Furnace
  • Lennox EL280E Furnace
  • Lennox EL196E Furnace
  • Lennox EL195NE Furnace
  • Lennox EL180NE Furnace
  • Lennox ML296V Furnace
  • Lennox ML196E Furnace
  • Lennox ML193E Furnace
  • Lennox ML180V Furnace
  • Lennox ML180E Furnace
  • Lennox SLO185V Furnace
  • Lennox ELO183 Furnace
Air Conditioners
  • Lennox SL28XCV Air Conditioner
  • Lennox XC21 Air Conditioner
  • Lennox XC20 Air Conditioner
  • Lennox EL18XCV Air Conditioner
  • Lennox EL16XC1 Air Conditioner
  • Lennox XC13 Air Conditioner
  • Lennox 16ACX Air Conditioner
  • Lennox ML14XC1 Air Conditioner
  • Lennox 13ACX Air Conditioner
  • Lennox GCWB95 Boiler
  • Lennox GWB9-IH Boiler
  • Lennox OWB86 Boiler
  • Lennox GWB84-IE Boiler
  • Lennox GWB84-E Boiler
  • Lennox GSB8-E Boiler

Choose Fante’s for Your Lennox HVAC Equipment Needs

Despite their seeming simplicity, HVAC systems in homes are essential investments that give your family comfort and convenience. In light of this, choosing an experienced contractor is crucial for HVAC installation. Avoid companies that offer you the best service at the most affordable price. Incorrect installation, maintenance, or repair of your HVAC system could result in long-term problems and excessively costly expenditures down the road. When you require the installation or repair of Lennox HVAC equipment, go with Fante’s. Please get in touch with us straight away to talk about your needs.